Air Jordan 1 High ‘85 “Bred” To Release in 2025

Air Jordan 1 High ‘85 “Bred” To Release in 2025

The Air Jordan 1 Hi ‘85 “Bred” is set to release in 2025. With 2025 being the 40th anniversary of the model, the Jordan Brand is looking to bring back the Bred in its original shape and form since its first release in 1985. The Bred colourway is definitely one of the most iconic colourways for any Jordan model. The Jordan brand released different iterations of the iconic Bred with the Satin and patent leather versions, but nothing beats the classic genuine leather Breds. Could this release of the Jordan 1 Bred be the start of the Jordan 1 wave again, the Jordan 4 has been the model in the spotlight for the last few years. Lets see what the Jordan 1 Hi ‘85 “Bred” will do for the sneaker market. Will we see sneakerheads rocking classic retro Jordan’s again or will they stick to trendy running sneakers that are dominating the market now. 


The Air Jordan 1 Hi ‘85 “Bred” is ready for a grand comeback in 2025, marking a significant milestone—the 40th anniversary of this storied model. Sneakerheads and casual fans alike are hype with anticipation, as the Jordan Brand announces plans to release the Bred colorway in its pristine original design, a form not seen since its debut in 1985. This release is not merely a nod to nostalgia but a celebration of a legacy that has significantly shaped sneaker culture and fashion.

The Bred (black and red) colorway of the Air Jordan 1 is undeniably one of the most iconic in the history of sneakers. It's a design that transcends time; the striking contrast of black and red not only represents the Chicago Bulls colors but also captures the spirit and rebellion of the era during which it was born. The original Air Jordan 1 Bred was banned by the NBA because it flouted the league's uniform policy, which stipulated that shoes must match a team's jersey colors along with those of a player's teammates. Michael Jordan, however, wore them regardless, and Nike gladly paid the fines, a strategic move that only heightened the allure of the sneaker.

Over the years, the Jordan Brand has released several iterations of the iconic Bred, including versions in satin and patent leather. While these have been well-received, they often stand in the shadow of the classic genuine leather version, which remains a fan favorite for its authenticity and historical significance. This upcoming release promises to deliver just that— a return to the original materials and silhouette that made the Air Jordan 1 a cultural phenomenon.

This release comes at a time when the Jordan 4 has predominantly captured the spotlight in recent years. With its own unique appeal and significant moments in sports and hip-hop culture, the Jordan 4 has enjoyed a resurgence. However, the reintroduction of the Air Jordan 1 Bred might signal a shift, or at the very least, a broadening of the focus within the sneaker community. It begs the question: Could this be the catalyst that reignites the Jordan 1 wave among enthusiasts and collectors?

Moreover, the sneaker market of today is vastly different from that of the mid-80s. Currently dominated by a trend towards sleek, functional running sneakers, it's an era that values technology and innovation in design and materials. The reissue of the Air Jordan 1 Bred poses an interesting challenge and opportunity—it's a test of whether classic aesthetics can hold their ground against modern preferences for comfort and performance.

This upcoming release is more than just another drop in the ocean of sneakers; it represents a strategic move by the Jordan Brand to tap into the potent nostalgia while also leveraging the timeless design that appeals to both old fans and new. Will sneakerheads who grew up idolizing Michael Jordan and his shoes find the same joy in these reissues? Will younger consumers, driven by the trends of the moment, see the value in a design that echoes from decades past?

As we look towards 2025, the sneaker community waits to see the impact of the Air Jordan 1 Hi ‘85 “Bred” on both the market and the culture at large. Will this iconic sneaker rekindle an interest in retro Jordans, or will the trend continue towards modern running sneakers? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain—the Air Jordan 1 Bred holds a place of honor in the history of footwear, and its return is a momentous event for sneaker enthusiasts around the world

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